Sony FX6 Must-Have Accessories

Recently, we contacted videographer Ralph Samson to find out about his favourite Sony FX6 camera accessories. Here is what he works with:

Sony FX6 Camera Cage

Universal cold shoe female

BP-U65 batterie and charger

Sony FX6 pivoting V-Mount battery plate and battery

Monitor mount flex arm 1/4-20 to 1/4-20

A videographer’s favorite Sony FX6 camera accessories

Here are my top 5 accessories that are an amazing platform to customize my camera for a particular shoot or scene. These 5 items from SHAPE are with me 99% of the time.

Sony FX6 Camera Cage

The camera cage comes first on my list as I feel it is the perfect platform to start customizing my rig from. It is a tight fit on the camera. Just like most of the other shape accessories, the cage is cnc machined in-house with quality aluminum. Bonus: added protection and heat dissipation.

Sony FX6 Camera Cage

Universal SHAPE cold shoe female

This tiny accessory is on my camera 99% or the time. Being able to tighten it makes it so much better than using the mount on the fx6 handle. It keeps stuff secure on the fx6 cage. I mainly use it to attach audio or monitoring accessories.

Universal Shape cold shoe female

SHAPE BP-U65 battery and charger

Ideal for compact run and gun setup. The capacity is great for a lot of projects and I use the d-tap to power an external monitor. This is my go to power solution for lighter rigs, travel and even be used them on a gimbal with the fx6.

Shape BP-U65 battery and charger

Sony FX6 pivoting V-Mount battery plate and battery

The obvious reason this makes it on my list is battery capacity. Other than that I have to admit that the combination of the push-button and the posibility to angle the plate to use a Sony battery underneath makes it awesome for hot swaps. I used the hot swap feature many times during longer interviews.

V-Mount battery

Monitor mount flex arm 1/4-20 to 1/4-20

This little sturdy piece of equipement makes it easy to quickly relocate and secure my monitor. I like this one in particular because it’s just long enough to move the monitor away from me for a shoulder or to quickly bring it higher up for a low shot. It’s compact and light so I always have it with me in my camera bag.

Monitor mount flex arm 1/4-20 to 1/4-20

About Ralph Samson

Ralph is the director of the cyclocross short film Modder (mud), as well as the documentary series Going Sideways, which presents stories of people who went off the beaten track. He really gives meaning to his work by producing amazing videos. Give him a follow on Instagram (@ralph_raft) and see more of his work at

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