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The New Power Station 15000 Basecamp

Power your cinema projects

Shoulder - Handle - Adjustable - Portable - Equipement

Ergonomic camera rigs and accessories for professionals

We manufacture camera rig solutions and high quality accessories for camera support equipment to maximize your efficiency on set.

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Whatever content you create or device you use, find the fitting kit to get started with SHAPE. We've grouped our products by interests, whether you are a beginner or an industry professional.

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Why SHAPE wlb

Push Button

SHAPE wlb is the only brand featuring the iconic red Push Button. Our patented feature is an important function that our customers love!

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Why SHAPE wlb

Made In Canada

We are proud to manufacture our products in-house from our headquarters in Canada. This ensures the highest quality in all of our products, from design to manufacturing.

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Why SHAPE wlb

Designed By Pros

We were founded by industry professionals who were passionate about creating better tools to make quality film and photography.

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Discover the SHAPE wlb accessories best suited to this Sony model.

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Sony FX6 Must-Have Accessories

Recently, we contacted videographer Ralph Samson to find out about his favourite Sony FX6 camera accessories. Here is what he works with: Sony FX6 Camera Cage Universal cold shoe female B...


Sony A7IV Run-and-Gun Rig Recommendations

A lot of my projects and style of work require a more down to downs style rig, something small, easy and reliable. This landed me with the Sony A7IV, which for my line of work has been the best of...

Sony FX3 Must-Have Accessories

Must-Have Sony FX3 Accessories Recommended by a Concert Videographer

For a small production crew like us, choosing the best camera accessories in 2023 is key to improving efficiency and productivity on set. SHAPE is just beginning to be known in the Korean video pro...


SHAPE creators at work

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