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SHAPE Top Plate for Sony Burano

Crafted in Canada
Lifetime Warranty (solely on CNC machined parts)

Key Features

Specifically designed Top plate system for Sony Burano.

Standalone installation on the camera.

Top plate includes front rod bloc.

Includes a cable connector protector for the viewfinder.

Top plate compatible with Sony Burano & FX9 factory top handles.

Top plate compatible with LPHT – TPST – CTRL.

Two-piece design plate which can be removed for FX9 factory top handle.

Multiple points of attachment on top plate. (3/8-16 & ¼-20 anti-twist threads).

Made of CNC aluminum.


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SHAPE is introducing its brand new line of products for the Sony Burano. This features the Top plate which can be installed on its own on the camera.

Custom Design for Sony Burano:

This top plate system is meticulously crafted to fit the Sony Burano camera model. It provides a secure and versatile platform for attaching accessories and enhancing your shooting experience.

Standalone Installation:

The top plate can be installed directly onto the camera without any additional components. It offers convenience and flexibility for various shooting scenarios.

Front Rod Bloc:

The top plate includes a front rod bloc for attaching rods to install accessories such as wireless lens control systems.

Viewfinder Cable Connector Protector:

A dedicated cable connector protector is integrated into the top plate design.

This safeguard protects the viewfinder cable connection from damage during use.

Compatibility with Sony Burano & FX9 Handles:

The top plate is compatible with both the Sony Burano and the FX9 factory top handles. You can seamlessly switch between these handles based on your shooting requirements.

Adapter Plate for FX9 Factory Top Handle:

An included adapter plate can be easily removed to accommodate the FX9 factory top handle. This versatility allows you to adapt the top plate to different setups.

Multiple Attachment Points:

The top plate features multiple points of attachment for mounting accessories.

You can add magic arms, articulating arms, or other accessories as needed.

CNC Aluminum Construction:

Crafted from high-quality CNC aluminum, the top plate ensures durability and lightweight design.

It also provides excellent heat dissipation during extended shoots.

In summary, this top plate system enhances your Sony Burano camera setup by offering flexibility, protection, and compatibility with various accessories.

Additional information

Weight 1.50 lbs
Dimensions 8.00 × 5.00 × 2.00 in


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0.57 kg
7.50 x
5.50 x
2.00 in
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5.08 cm
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