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Key Features

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Main Storage: 15.56 kWh

Battery type: LiFePO4

Lifecycles: 4000 cycles to 80% capacity

Output Voltage:

Single phase (120V*2): 4000W

Split phase (240V): 8000W

Peak power (5 sec): 10000W

AC Output: 120V / 240V AC pure sine wave, 60 HZ

Charging Ports:

1 x Male NEMA s-15 120v 20 Amp

1 x Male L5-30 Type 120V 30 amp

1 x 120 VAC 63 Amp receptacle JOY

Solar Input : 2 x FHV connectors

Charging Times:

1 x Male NEMA s-15 120v 20 Amp: 8 hours

1 x Male L5-30 Type 120V 30 amp: 6 hours

1 x 120 VAC 63 Amp receptacle JOY: 5 hours

Solar Input : 2 x FHV connectors: 2 hours

Box Mechanical Specs: Weight: 390 lbs / 180 Kg

Output Connectors:

2 x 120V Double Socket 2000W ouput, receptacle GFCI5-20R

1 x 120V 4 000 W output, receptacle L5-30R

1 x 240V 8 000 W output, receptacle 14-50R

1 x 240V 4 000 W output, receptacle L14-30R

1 x 120V 2 000 W output, receptacle Joy

2 x 5VDC, 3.0A USB receptacles

2 x 5VDC, 3.0A USB-C receptacles


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Sustainable Production is the Future.

SHAPE is at the forefront of clean energy storage solutions for several different industries.The future of sustainable manufacturing is being ushered in by exciting advances in LiFePO4 battery technology.

The world is increasingly concerned about the health of our planet, so it’s time for the Film & TV industries to adopt sustainable production methods. Going green not only helps the environment, but it also saves money and improves the brand’s image. The Film & TV industries can adopt eco-friendly practices such as using renewable energy, minimizing waste and carbon footprint and even sourcing locally. With the industry’s ability to inspire and educate its partners, we can look forward to a future where sustainability is at the core of every project.


High internal battery storage capacity equipped with 15 kWh.

High power inverter supporting 8 kW loading equals to a 5 HP motor.

Supports split/single phase pure sin wave output.

LCD screen dynamic flow chart design to facilitate understanding of system data and operating status.

Offers a complete protection mechanism, such as short-circuit protection, over-current protection, over & under voltage protection, overload protection and other functions.

Supports WIFI remote monitor & control.

The product supports solar panels to charge the battery, and also supports the mains AC to charge the battery.

Additional information

Weight 500.00 lbs
Dimensions 35.50 × 29.50 × 38.00 in


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400.00 lbs
181.44 kg
30.75 x
28.50 x
32.50 in
78.11 x
72.39 x
82.55 cm
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