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SHAPE Cine Cage for Sony Burano

Crafted in Canada
Lifetime Warranty (solely on CNC machined parts)

Key Features

Specifically designed cage system for Sony Burano.

Includes dedicated 15mm LWS baseplate for Sony Burano.

Includes a cable connector protector for the viewfinder.

Left and right cage sides.

Top plate includes front rod bloc (rods not included).

Top plate compatible with Sony Burano & FX9 factory top handles.

Top plate compatible with LPHT – TPST – CTRL.

Multiple points of attachment on cage sides and top plate (3/8-16 & ¼-20 anti-twist threads).

ARRI rosette on right side of cage for additional accessories.

Detachable 15mm LWS bottom baseplate.

Mounting threaded holes to secure camera on a tripod plate.

Front & back ratchet knobs to secure the rods.

Pair of 12’’ rods included.

Made of CNC aluminum.


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SHAPE is introducing its brand new line of products for the Sony Burano, starting with its dedicated cage design including a 15mm LWS baseplate.

Cage System Design:

The cage system is custom-built for the Sony Burano camera model.

It provides a secure and versatile platform for attaching accessories and enhancing your shooting experience.

15mm LWS Baseplate:

The cage includes a dedicated 15mm Lightweight Support (LWS) baseplate specifically designed for the Sony Burano.

This baseplate allows you to mount additional accessories, such as follow focus systems or matte boxes, with ease.

Viewfinder Cable Connector Protector:

The cage features a protective element for the viewfinder cable connector.

This ensures that your viewfinder connection remains secure and free from damage during use.

Top Plate with Front Rod Bloc:

The top plate of the cage includes a front rod bloc for attaching accessories like handles, monitors, or microphones.

It is compatible not only with the Sony Burano but also with the FX9 factory top handles.

Multiple Attachment Points:

The cage sides have multiple points of attachment for mounting accessories such as magic arms, articulating arms, or external recorders.

ARRI Rosette: On the right side of the cage, there is an ARRI rosette. This allows you to attach additional accessories, such as handgrips or extension arms, for added functionality.

Detachable 15mm LWS Bottom Baseplate:

The bottom baseplate is detachable and compatible with the 15mm LWS standard. It provides stability and balance when using the camera on rigs or tripods. The baseplate features threaded holes strategically placed to secure the camera onto a tripod plate. This ensures a stable and reliable setup during your shoots.

Front & Back Ratchet Knobs:

The cage includes ratchet knobs at the front and back. These knobs allow you to securely lock the 15mm rods in place, preventing any unwanted movement.

These rods can be used for additional accessory mounting or for attaching matte boxes and lens supports.

CNC Aluminum Construction:

The cage is meticulously crafted from CNC aluminum. This material ensures durability, lightweight design, and excellent heat dissipation.

In summary, this cage system provides a comprehensive solution for enhancing your Sony Burano camera setup, offering flexibility, stability, and compatibility with various accessories.

Additional information

Weight 3.90 lbs
Dimensions 14.00 × 5.00 × 4.00 in


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