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SHAPE Broadcast Pro Kit for Sony Burano

Crafted in Canada
Lifetime Warranty (solely on CNC machined parts)

Key Features

Complete Broadcast Pro solution for Sony Burano.

Specifically designed cage system for Sony Burano.

Left and right cage sides.

Top plate includes front rod bloc. (rods not included).

Top plate compatible with Sony Burano & FX9 factory top handles.

Broadcast shoulder plate with handles for Sony Burano.

Modular top handle made of CNC aluminum and Canadian maple wood, let you place the handgrip in the up, side and down positions
Top handle also features several 3/8-16 anti rotating threaded holes and a 15 mm EVF rod clamp with a 25 mm Push-button.

Left and right New Generation handgrips with ARRI rosettes (MNDA).
Patented (black) Push-button system for fast adjustment.
Push, adjust, release, and then it’s locked.

Follow Focus Pro & 4×5.6 Silicone Swing-Away Matte box included.


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SHAPE is introducing its brand new line of products for the Sony Burano. This features our Broadcast Pro Kit, 100% compatible with the Sony Burano.

SHAPE Broadcast Shoulder Cage Set for Sony Burano (BURBR)

SHAPE is introducing its brand new line of products for the Sony Burano, starting with its dedicated cage design combined on SHAPE’s Broadcast Shoulder plate with handles for Sony Burano. Cage System Design: The cage system is custom-built for the Sony Burano camera model. It provides a secure and versatile platform for attaching accessories and enhancing your shooting experience. Viewfinder Cable Connector Protector: The cage features a protective element for the viewfinder cable connector. This ensures that your viewfinder connection remains secure and free from damage during use. Top Plate with Front Rod Bloc: The top plate of the cage includes a front rod bloc for attaching accessories like handles, monitors, or microphones. It is compatible not only with the Sony Burano but also with the FX9 factory top handles. Multiple Attachment Points: The cage sides have multiple points of attachment for mounting accessories such as magic arms, articulating arms, or external recorders. ARRI Rosette: On the right side of the cage, there is an ARRI rosette. This allows you to attach additional accessories, such as handgrips or extension arms, for added functionality. CNC Aluminum Construction: The cage is meticulously crafted from CNC aluminum. This material ensures durability, lightweight design, and excellent heat dissipation. In summary, this cage system provides a comprehensive solution for enhancing your Sony Burano camera setup, offering flexibility, stability, and compatibility with various accessories. SHAPE Broadcast Shoulder Plate with Handles for Sony Burano (BURBP)

SHAPE Push-Button Viewfinder Mount for Sony Burano (BURVF)

SHAPE is introducing its brand new line of products for the Sony Burano. Having a new viewfinder design, SHAPE is introducing a brand new system as well. Compatibility with Sony Burano: This viewfinder system is specifically designed to work seamlessly with the Sony Burano camera. 15 mm Rod and 15-19 mm Push-Button System: The system incorporates a 15 mm rod setup with a convenient push-button mechanism, allowing for quick adjustments and secure attachment. SHAPE’s viewfinder system is fully compatible with Sony Burano and FX9 factory top handles. 3 Points of Articulation: For maximum flexibility, the viewfinder system offers three points of articulation. These adjustments allow precise positioning both horizontally and vertically. Relocatable and Detachable Viewfinder Loupe: Users can easily relocate and open the viewfinder loupe without the need to detach the entire viewfinder system. This feature enhances convenience during shooting. SHAPE Patented Push-Button Technology: The system utilizes SHAPE’s patented push-button technology, ensuring reliable and efficient operation. CNC Aluminum Construction: Crafted from CNC-machined aluminum, this viewfinder system is durable and lightweight, providing stability and longevity. Whether you’re a solo filmmaker or part of a team, this viewfinder system enhances your Sony Burano camera experience, offering precise control and ease of use.

SHAPE controller top handle universal attachment system (CTRL)

modular camera top handleAdd a variety of accessories to your camera rig with the Controller Top Handle with Universal Attachment System from SHAPE. The modular handle features four sections that can be removed or re-added to create different lengths and configurations. One of the sections is angled to create a handgrip on the end. The center section raises up the handle, allowing a solid connection to your cage or rig.The handle is constructed from anodized aluminum, and each section is lined with a smooth, wooden finger grip made from Canadian maple. Numerous 3/8"-16 ARRI-style anti-twist accessory threads line the handle, so you can add a wide variety of accessories.

SHAPE matte box swing-away (AKSWA)

Matte Box Swing AwayThe SHAPE Matte Box Swing Away is a silicone matte box mounted on a CNC aluminum main frame with an outer diameter of up to 124 mm. It provides a wide field of view for a variety of wide-angle lenses. Two 4x5.6 filter trays (one rotary) with easy access handles that allow one-handed filter changes. 4x4 filters can also be installed in the trays. The frame includes two stops at the bottom of the filter trays section to prevent the filters from falling through. The removable swing-away module makes lens changes a snap. A spring pin helps to lock the mechanism closed without manually setting the pin. 2 magnets hold it in place when closed. Removable height adjustable rod block with one tightening knob allows micro-adjustment of height, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of lenses. The rod block can be re-installed directly on the main frame for a straight configuration. The complete kit allows three different configurations, (swing-away, straight and clip-on). Removable light carbon fiber french flag can be attached to the top to prevent flares. A series of adapter rings are included in the kit:
Clamp-on adapter ring: 124-87 mm
Threaded aluminum adapter rings: 87-82 mm 87-77 mm 87-72 mm 87-67 mm
Fabric knicker: 124 mm

Follow Focus Pro (FFPRO)

Ffpro Shape 01 Product PictureManufactured in sleek black anodized aluminum, this special edition professional follow focus unit combines a refined look with trusted engineering and a classic design. The SHAPE Follow Focus Pro is an industry workhorse and has already proven itself on countless tough shoots all over the world, so you needn’t worry about it letting you down. The SHAPE engineering team is internationally renowned for creating one of the most robust motion picture accessories ever built. It mounts on 15 mm rods and features an adjustable arm which puts the gear at the optimal position for the lens, no matter what the diameter is. Two 0.8 pitch gears come included and give you a choice of either 28 teeth or 43 teeth, depending on the throw distance of the lens. Additional features include two adjustable hard stops, removable marking disc, and an industry standard accessory port for using optional whips and cranks.

Additional information

Weight 15.75 lbs
Dimensions 22.00 × 10.00 × 6.00 in


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