SHAPE Composite Adjustable Shoulder Pad

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Key Features :
  • Supports the Weight of a Camera Rig
  • Adjustable Height for 15 mm rod mount
  • Modular Design



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The SHAPE adjustable shoulder pad is designed for superior comfort, featuring padding and slip-free material to enhance your shooting experience. It's equipped with a convenient screw knob for easy attachment of the SHAPE counterweight, and additional male-female rods can be added to support counterweights behind them, effectively distributing the camera and accessory weight for comfortable use. This shoulder pad is a versatile solution that allows quick transitions from shoulder to tripod setups without the need to remove it. Designed with convenience in mind, it includes a 15 mm sliding rod block camera screw knob (1/4-20) for on-the-fly adjustments, making it an essential addition to your camera rig.

  • 10.50 x 4.00 x 4.75 in | 26.67 x 10.16 x 12.06 cm

Lightweight Aluminium

  • Black
In the box
  • 1 x Composite Adjustable Shoulder Pad

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