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SHAPE wlb inc. est une entreprise créative et innovante. Nous travaillons dans le domaine de la télévision et cinéma depuis plus de 15 ans.

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Charles Mylene

Charles Vallières


Mylène Girard



Fondée en 2007, SHAPE wlb inc. est une marque mondiale bénéficiant d’une solide réputation d’excellence, d’innovation, de design et de savoir-faire. Le couple et les cofondateurs, Mylène Girard et Charles Vallières, ont tous deux travaillé dans l’industrie du film pendant plus de 15 ans avant de lancer leur propre entreprise. Mylène travaillait comme assistante caméraman sur les plateaux et Charles dirigeait les départements d’art pour la construction des décors et les effets spéciaux pour divers studios de cinéma.

Sur un tournage, chaque seconde compte

Chaque année, SHAPE investit dans la R & D et crée des solutions complètes d’équipement de caméra adaptées aux besoins de celles-ci afin de répondre aux demandes des clients, car chaque seconde compte. Chaque détail compte pour les clients de SHAPE. Ils méritent tout simplement le meilleur.
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L'équipe derrière la marque

Shape Team Kim Hutchinson


Learn more about Kim


Kim works with North American accounts to build relationships and provide support for SHAPE equipment besides representing the company on client visits and at trade shows. Knowledgeable about our products and the industry as a whole, she is focused on customer service and supporting our extensive reseller network. In her free time, you’ll find her curled up with a good book, singing in a choir, or out with friends enjoying the night life in Chicago!

Shape Team Patrice Blanchard 570x704


Learn more about Patrice


Patrice develops and manages sales and customer service in France.


Learn more about Nico


Nico knows SHAPE’s products inside and out. He’s probably the one explaining all the features and technical specs on SHAPE’s camera equipment and accessories during trade shows and over the phone. He’s also our media specialist; he produces and edits SHAPE’s videos and pictures. Nico has been a camera operator for the last 22 years. In his free time, he’s a photographer, car racer and skydiving fanatic.

Shape Team Johann Guéhennec

Johann Guéhennec

Learn more about Johann

Johann Guéhennec

Cheerful and dynamic, Johann is our technical assistant who produces and edits SHILL videos besides assisting Nico in the production of SHAPE's technical videos. After work hours, Johann loves to shoot and edit extreme sports videos. 


Learn more about André


As a technical consultant, André knows SHAPE’s products extremely well and represents the company in major trade shows around the globe. He also works as a director of photography and steadicam operator in the film and TV industry, so he’s constantly on the look out to identify operators’ needs on the sets. Whenever he’s free, he enjoys playing guitar, travelling and spending as much time as possible with his little girl.

Shape Team Maxime Schutt 570x704

Maxime schutt

Marketing Director
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Maxime Schutt

Maxime is SHAPE’s online marketing strategist and content management specialist. He develops the company’s online strategies and promotions along with SHAPE’s owners. The client is the central focus for this marketing analyst. In his free time, he enjoys fine wine and dining as well as spas for some R & R.

Shape Team Men 1


Learn more about Pierre

Pierre Lamarre

Pierre is a creative designer and the conceptual mind behind bold and bright ideas. He has an eye for the smallest detail which defines his work. To avoid sitting behind his screen all day, he loves running and participating in half marathons besides being a pro-active and independent learner.
Shape Team Women

Nathalie Guillemette

Learn more about Nathalie

Nathalie Guillemette

Nathalie is creative; she likes to produce innovative and original content across a range of media and formats. She is responsible for writing and translating product descriptions, articles, slogans, catchphrases, etc. When she’s not working, Nathalie is fond of old traditional folktales and everything that has something to do with personal growth and development.

Shape Team Jonathan Brouillet

Jonathan Brouillet

Learn more about Jonathan

Jonathan Brouillet

Jonathan is SHAPE’s experienced industrial engineer who is in charge of the production team and plant. He takes on every challenge, and you would be surprised how much he can do within a day’s time. With a lot of demanding projects that often put him on edge, he’s always able to find the right solution. He’s also into martial arts and jogging besides being a musician.

Shape Team Steve Potvin

Steve Potvin

Learn more about Steve

Steve Potvin

Steve, our production team leader, is a focused and efficient manager. He is the go-to person concerning production, assembly and supplies. He loves to do judo, and to play golf and the drums as well as gigging at bars on weekends.

Shape Team Pierre Etienne Robillard

Pierre Etienne Robillard

Learn more about Pierre Etienne

Pierre Etienne Robillard

Pierre-Étienne ensures quality control besides supervising, planning and synchronizing all activities relating to production, assembly and shipping. On weekends, he enjoys skiing, cycling and producing videos.

Shape Team Women


Learn more about Amélie


Amélie is responsible for carefully packing SHAPE’s camera equipment and accessories, and also preparing shipments in due time. She is a drawing, design and photography enthusiast.
Shape Team Jessie Roussel

Jessie Roussel

Shipping – Administration
Learn more about Jessie

Jessie Roussel

Jessie is focused and engages in productive work. He is responsible for shipping & receiving logistics, RMAs, order information and customer service with regard to administrative assistance. After business hours, he loves to express his creativity through the design and making of awesome costumes.

Shape Team Pascal Rivard

Pascal Rivard

Receiving – Administration
Learn more about Pascal

Pascal Rivard

Pascal operates on an even keel every day. He is in charge of purchasing and receiving parts from suppliers, entering inventory data, packing and shipping boxes. He is a board game and RPG games fan.

Shape Team David Richard

David Richard

Learn more about David

David Richard

David assembles SHAPE camera supports and accessories with spirit; he just loves to crack a joke to make everybody laugh. He enjoys stand-up comedy and writing skits in his free time.

Shape Team Men 1


Learn more about Sylvain

Sylvain Duval

Sylvain operates CNC machines; he does the first runs and also the calibration of tools among other tasks. On weekends, he enjoys doing graphic design and research on the Web.


Learn more about Guillaume

Sylvain Duval

Guillaume operates CNC machines besides being a student. He enjoys all kinds of music genres including RAP besides being a car lover.

Shape Team Ivinson Edouard

Ivinson Edouard

Learn more about Ivinson

Ivinson Edouard

Ivinson operates CNC machines diligently to produce high-quality aluminium parts. He really enjoys reading and playing basket-ball.

Shape Team Alain Savaria

Alain Savaria

Learn more about Alain

Alain Savaria

Alain is SHAPE’s accountant (CPA) who has an eye for details and due diligence for accuracy. He ensures that sound management practices are efficiently used to monitor SHAPE’s performance results. His love of travel enables him to combine business with pleasure by providing entrepreneurship training workshops abroad.

Shape Team Women


Learn more about Gabrielle

Gabrielle Tremblay

Gabrielle is our accounting assistant who is responsible for all matters in relation to administration and accounting such as payroll and human resource administration. She is our fine baker who just loves to bake awesome cakes and pastry for her loved ones.

Shape Team Martine Dupuis

Martine Dupuis

Administrative Clerk
Learn more about Martine

Martine Dupuis

Martine is responsible for SHAPE’s accounts payable and receivable. Her mere presence speaks volumes. She enjoys lending a helping hand at work besides volunteering at her local school library to help children better their education and meet their full potential.

Shape Team Roger Vallières 570x704

Roger Vallières

Shape Team Olivier Lemon 570x704

Olivier Lemon

Shape Team Olivier Johnson 570x704

Olivier Johnson

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