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Over the course of 10 years, SHAPE has expanded its product line ranging from top-quality camera equipment and accessories for Canon, Sony, Panasonic, ARRI, RED and Blackmagic cameras to several sophisticated camera rig and shoulder mount designs.

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Charles Mylene

Charles Vallières

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Charles Vallières

Charles, SHAPE’s vice-president and co-founder also known as an experienced industrial designer, creates and designs all SHAPE’s high-end camera support equipment lines. He’s one step ahead when it comes to the latest technical developments in the film industry. In his mind’s eye, he can picture what will be the next best thing to meet the customers’ needs. In wintertime, Charles really enjoys freestyle skiing and coaching young skiers at the Orford Freestyle Ski Club that SHAPE created; he also loves riding a wave in the summer.

Mylène Girard

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Mylène Girard

Mylène is SHAPE’s president and co-founder also known as a visionary and business strategist. She envisions the company’s future and co-creates innovative camera rig equipment designs with her life and business partner. Mylène is the one sitting across the table at your first meeting sharing her crystal-clear vision and direction for the company. Outside of work hours, she is a photography and film enthusiast, and has a passionate fascination for getting the perfect picture.


Founded in 2007, SHAPE wlb Inc. is a global brand with a strong reputation for excellence, innovation, design and craftsmanship. The couple and co-founders, Mylène Girard and Charles Vallières, were both working in the film industry for over 15 years before launching their own business. Mylène was working as an assistant camera operator on sets and Charles was running art departments for set building and special effects for various film studios.

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Word spread quickly in the industry

So much so that others started noticing SHAPE’s camera rigs on sets and wanted one for themselves also which started a cottage industry in their backyard tool shed and later in their basement.

To meet the increasing demand for their new camera rigs, the young couple and business partners officially launched SHAPE wlb Inc. in October 2007. Furthermore, the name SHAPE stands for SHOULDER HANDLE ADJUSTABLE PORTABLE EQUIPMENT and “wlb” is derived from their three children’s initials, William, Léa and Bianca.

By October 2008, SHAPE was filling as many orders in one month as it had recorded in the previous year. Hence, the brand became very popular amongst “prosumers” who were looking for more affordable and professional camera rigs and accessories. SHAPE was on the rise, and that was only the beginning of the adventure for these young entrepreneurs.

The Pioneering Spirit

Further, SHAPE designed and built the world’s first and only adjustable Quick Handle Push-Button Technology patented worldwide which revolutionised the camera stabilizer and support industry. This high-end technology was introduced at the NAB Show in Las Vegas in 2009. With the invention of the Push-Button Handle System, a 360°rotational axis for quick and easy adjustments, the company was at the cutting edge of innovation.

Over the course of 10 years, SHAPE has expanded its product line ranging from top-quality camera equipment and accessories for Canon, Sony, Panasonic, ARRI, RED and Blackmagic cameras to several sophisticated camera rig and shoulder mount designs.

In 2017, SHAPE’s new modern and state-of-the-art 15,000 sq. ft. factory, production plant and office building was built in Chambly, Quebec, Canada. The company has grown out of its tiny office block to become a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-end and innovative camera equipment as well as a multinational corporation thanks to its widespread international distribution network which covers over 150 countries throughout the world.

Since its inception in 2007, SHAPE has sponsored scouting, extreme sports and advocated for wild life in different parts of the world. These initiatives illustrate SHAPE’s commitment to its local and global community.

SHAPING innovation for 10 years

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, SHAPE is a privately-owned company committed to designing and manufacturing high-end, innovative, ergonomic, lightweight, user-friendly, and reliable camera equipment and accessories for both amateur and professional camera operators in film and TV production. All SHAPE’s sturdy and highly durable products are made in Canada, and come with a lifetime warranty on all CNC machined parts.

SHAPE’s high-quality standards and aesthetics, pursuit of excellence and search for perfection determine why they do what they do every single day. SHAPE believes in infinite possibilities to better camera equipment and accessories in order to provide users with durable and high-performance equipment as well as quick and easy solutions that make their life easier.

Across every continent, SHAPE’s camera rigs are used to tell a story, and that story never ends.

SHAPING the world, one camera rig at a time!

On a set, every second counts

SHAPE invests in R&D each year and creates comprehensive camera equipment solutions adapted to the camera’s specific requirements. After all, on a set, every second counts. Every detail matters and only the best is good enough for SHAPE’s valued customers. They simply deserve the best. 

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The team behind the brand


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Nico knows SHAPE’s products inside and out. He’s probably the one explaining all the features and technical specs on SHAPE’s camera equipment and accessories during trade shows and over the phone. He’s also our media specialist; he produces and edits SHAPE’s videos and pictures. Nico has been a camera operator for the last 22 years. In his free time, he’s a photographer, car racer and skydiving fanatic.


Learn more about Patrice


Patrice develops and manages sales and customer service in France.

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Learn more about Gabrielle

Gabrielle Tremblay

Gabrielle is our accounting assistant who is responsible for all matters in relation to administration and accounting such as payroll and human resource administration. She is our fine baker who just loves to bake awesome cakes and pastry for her loved ones.


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Jonathan Brouillet

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Jonathan Brouillet

Jonathan is SHAPE’s experienced industrial engineer who is in charge of the production team and plant. He takes on every challenge, and you would be surprised how much he can do within a day’s time. With a lot of demanding projects that often put him on edge, he’s always able to find the right solution. He’s also into martial arts and jogging besides being a musician.

Steve Potvin

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Steve Potvin

Steve, our production team leader, is a focused and efficient manager. He is the go-to person concerning production, assembly and supplies. He loves to do judo, and to play golf and the drums as well as gigging at bars on weekends.

Pierre Etienne Robillard

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Pierre Etienne Robillard

Pierre-Étienne ensures quality control besides supervising, planning and synchronizing all activities relating to production, assembly and shipping. On weekends, he enjoys skiing, cycling and producing videos.

David Richard

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David Richard

David assembles SHAPE camera supports and accessories with spirit; he just loves to crack a joke to make everybody laugh. He enjoys stand-up comedy and writing skits in his free time.

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Olivier Lemon


Roger Vallières

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Learn more about Sylvain

Sylvain Duval

Sylvain operates CNC machines; he does the first runs and also the calibration of tools among other tasks. On weekends, he enjoys doing graphic design and research on the Web.

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Jessie Roussel

Shipping – Administration
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Jessie Roussel

Jessie is focused and engages in productive work. He is responsible for shipping & receiving logistics, RMAs, order information and customer service with regard to administrative assistance. After business hours, he loves to express his creativity through the design and making of awesome costumes.

Pascal Rivard


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Pascal Rivard

Pascal operates on an even keel every day. He is in charge of purchasing and receiving parts from suppliers, entering inventory data, packing and shipping boxes. He is a board game and RPG games fan.

Martine Dupuis

Administrative Clerk
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Martine Dupuis

Martine is responsible for SHAPE’s accounts payable and receivable. Her mere presence speaks volumes. She enjoys lending a helping hand at work besides volunteering at her local school library to help children better their education and meet their full potential.

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Alain Savaria

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Alain Savaria

Alain is SHAPE’s accountant (CPA) who has an eye for details and due diligence for accuracy. He ensures that sound management practices are efficiently used to monitor SHAPE’s performance results. His love of travel enables him to combine business with pleasure by providing entrepreneurship training workshops abroad.



Learn more about André


As a technical consultant, André knows SHAPE’s products extremely well and represents the company in major trade shows around the globe. He also works as a director of photography and steadicam operator in the film and TV industry, so he’s constantly on the look out to identify operators’ needs on the sets. Whenever he’s free, he enjoys playing guitar, travelling and spending as much time as possible with his little girl.

Olivier Johnson