Must-Have Sony FX3 Accessories Recommended by a Concert Videographer

Sony FX3 Must-Have Accessories

For a small production crew like us, choosing the best camera accessories in 2023 is key to improving efficiency and productivity on set. SHAPE is just beginning to be known in the Korean video production field, and luckily, I got a chance to use the Sony FX3 Kit and a bag.

My Name is Aidan Kim (Hyun Wook Kim), DOP of NIVL studio in Korea. In this article, I will go through my favourite camera accessories for the Sony FX3 camera and the reasons why I chose SHAPE for my run-and-gun shooting.

Quick Handle Rod Bloc

Shooting at a concert requires both stability and mobility. What I liked the most about SHAPE’s FX3 handle was its finishing. Every single joint is built to fit seamlessly with each other and is locked tight. The gaskets of the handle were especially lovely. The red push button was revolutionary. Just a simple press of my thumb allowed me to tilt the angle up and down while my wrists were staying comfortable. I was previously only using a shoulder rig with fixed grips, but SHAPE offers these adjustable handles, which provide great flexibility when shooting.

Quick Handle Rod Bloc for Sony FX3

Shoulder Mount For Sony FX3

Also, the shoulder and back pads were pretty solid. Most rigs only provide shoulder cushions, but the shoulder mount for the Sony FX3 by SHAPE is equipped with both shoulder and back pads, which makes my shooting more comfortable. The back cushion, in particular, distributes the weight more evenly and gave me stability while I was tilting my camera up and down.

Sony FX3 Kit Matte Box Follow Focus

Even though Sony’s FX3 camera provides awesome autofocus (AF), the use of follow focus was inevitable, especially when a whole band is on stage. I have tested a couple of other follow focuses from other well-known brands, but honestly, SHAPE’s follow focus for the Sony FX3 was the softest and smoothest one. Also, the best feature for a run-and-gun setting was the “friction rubber wheel”, which is included within the box. Switching the focus gear ring is such an annoying job for a one-man crew, but the rubber wheel allows me to go back to set right away as soon as I changed the lens.

Matte Box Follow Focus for Sony FX3

Camera Bag

For me, the SHAPE camera bag was one of my most wanted items. It was the best option for me, in terms of protection, customization, and space. Just take a look at it. Isn’t it beautiful? I mean, yes, the design blew my mind. It was telling me, “Yes, I’m strong and trustworthy. I can carry anything.”

SHAPE Camera Bag


Ever since I started using the rig and follow focus systems, I’ve been looking for a chance to switch to a camera bag, which provides more space than a hard case. With many pockets and pouches, the SHAPE camera bag offers plenty of room to fit everything I carry for shooting: pens, tools, cables, batteries, plates, arms, slate, and even a water bottle! The inner space is big enough to fit the whole FX3 Shoulder Rig Kit without disassembling any part. It’s a pretty attractive feature for a lazy videographer like me!


SHAPE Camera Bag pockets


Another good thing about this bag is that I don’t need to worry about protection. One of the staff I often work with (let’s call him T) once dropped a 300W LED light, which was about 10kg in weight, and directly hit the bag. Thanks to SHAPE, the bag was perfectly intact, and so were the camera and lenses in it! Honestly, I didn’t trust soft camera bags in terms of protection, but after the incident, the whole crew working with me asked where I got the bag.

Final review of the SHAPE accessory kit

With the SHAPE camera bag and FX3 shoulder mount kit, I am now able to shoot with efficiency, minimize the number of bags and cases I carry for shooting, and I don’t have to worry about security at all. 

The Sony FX3 shoulder mount kit has become my most used piece of equipment when I am out for shooting. With the rig, I can shoot in any location at any time. With the camera bag, I don’t have to worry about the condition of the shooting location, whether it’s dirty, wet, or rocky. No need to stress about equipment left behind while I’m shooting. I can just focus on my job.

SHAPE accessories fo the Sony FX3


If anyone asks me “which rig set up and bag or case would you recommend for a run-and-gun crew or production team?” I would say with confidence, “Just look at what I have.”

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