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SHAPE ARRI Dovetail Shoulder Mount with Handles


Key Features :
  • Lightweight ARRI-style Dovetail shoulder mount
  • ARRI Rosettes for handle attachment
  • Adjustable non-slip shoulder pad
  • Spring loaded stoppers at the front and back
  • 12.5 in long with 10.5 in of top bridge plate travel
  • Includes a pair of Compact Quick Handle ARRI Rosette with Black Push Buttons
  • Push, adjust, release, and then it’s locked



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The SHAPE ARRI Dovetail shoulder mount is a versatile accessory compatible with ARRI style bridge plates in multiple industry standards, including 15mm LWS, 15mm Studio, and 19mm Studio. It offers adjustable front-to-back sliding of the bridge plate and a pad underneath, both secured with side levers and spring-loaded stoppers. The dovetail section allows 10-½ inches of travel, ensuring stability. Additionally, it is compatible with various handles, including a pair of ARRI Rosette-compatible handgrips with three points of articulation, offering flexible configurations. SHAPE's patented Push-button handle technology allows for easy adjustment and precise positioning of the rubber handgrips, making it a popular choice among professionals in the industry.

  • 18.30 x 15.50 x 7.50 in | 46.48 x 39.37 x 19.05 cm

CNC Machined Aluminium

Net Weight
  • 4.00 lbs | 1.81 kg
  • Black
Compatible with
  • Compatible with standard ARRI style bridge plates (15mm LWS, 15mm Studio and 19mm Studio)
In the box
  • 1 x Dovetail Shoulder Mount
  • 1 Pair of Black Quick Handle with ARRI Rosette