Creator kits

Uncertain about which product to select for your videography needs?

Discover our curated Creator Kits, organized by interest and thoughtfully assembled to guide you in selecting the finest accessories for your upcoming project.

Creator Kit

Cinema / Production

Unlock the power of Hollywood-level production with SHAPE products favoured by industry professionals on the biggest film sets. Our collection includes universal baseplates, dovetail systems, and much more designed for seamless integration with tripods, monitors, lighting, and other essential equipment. Elevate your filmmaking experience and harness the tools the pros trust for unmatched quality and precision.

Creator Kit


Unlock your creative potential as a Content Creator with this SHAPE kit. Whether you're a social media influencer, vlogger, YouTuber, or simply someone who loves creating content, this kit has everything you need to elevate your work with the power of SHAPE devices. 

Creator Kit


Filming documentary work is like going on an adventure. It's always best to be prepared for anything, so having versatile, lightweight gear is essential. It really can make all the difference in improving your camera work. These reasons are why we created the Documentary Kit, so you can focus on capturing real-world stories with the help of SHAPE accessories.

Creator Kit


Our Sports Kit is perfect for capturing all kinds of sports, from extreme to traditional. The accessories are super easy to carry around and offer excellent grip and protection to the camera operators, essential when capturing all those special moments. Fun fact, SHAPE products are also used by big sports institutions such as the NFL.

Creator Kit

TV / Broadcast

Introducing our TV/Broadcast Kit of essential products used on sets for the shows and entertainment you love. Trusted across industries like television and broadcast, SHAPE products offer the quality and reliability relied upon by industry experts. Elevate your production setup and enjoy the performance and convenience that SHAPE brings.

Creator Kit


Our SHAPE kit is selected to be simple and convenient; so you can focus on capturing unforgettable moments rather than worrying about your gear. Made for creators who film ads, corporate work or events, we’ve selected products best suited for Videographers.