Revolt VCT universal baseplate


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Revolt VCT universal baseplate

Crafted in Canada
Lifetime Warranty

Key Features

Robust baseplate made of CNC Machined Aluminum
Front to Back Sliding Plate for quick positioning and weight distribution
Let you adjust your rod height bloc to match your camera’s optical center
Protective rubber pads to protect your camera
Front & rear 15 mm rod bloc with safety ratchet knob to tighten the rods
Come with a pair of 15 mm rods 8’’ and 15 mm rods 4’’
Designed with 2 standard Arri rosettes for handles mount
Moveable shoulder pad made of gel padding and slip-free material
Sophisticated tool box to store your extra screws and Allen key
Designed with a standard quick release adapter plate compatible with most VCT tripod plate


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Free Shipping to Canada & US on orders over $99


The REVOLT VCT Universal Baseplate offers a unique design, created for both amateur and professional filmmakers seeking Camera Supports & Stabilizers of high-quality.

Features of the VCT Universal Baseplate (BP10)

  • Front to Back Sliding Plate. It allows quick positioning of your camera accessories for an optimal adjustment of your camera’s center of gravity and weight distribution.
  • Match your camera’s optical center. Being able to adjust the height of your rod bloc to match your camera’s optical center is exactly what you can do.
  • Front and rear rod bloc. Two 15mm lightweight rod blocs can be fixed to the front and rear of the Baseplate, allowing you to install more camera accessories.
  • Safety pins and ratchet knobs. Robust and easy to use, the safety pins prevent the upper plate from sliding. They secure the rods and increase the strength of your rig. The ratchet knob applies an optimal pressure to the rods.
  • Soft & Ergonomic Shoulder Pad. Moveable and thick shoulder pad made of gel padding and slip-free material.
  • Sophisticated tool box. For a quick access to your extra screws and Allen Key, the baseplate is designed with 1/4-20 & 3/8-16 threaded holes allowing extra screws to be stored and there is also a magnet at the back to attach your Allen Key.
  • Compatible with the following cameras: Arri (Amira and Alexa Mini), Sony (FS7, FS7M2, F5, F55, EX1, EX3), Canon (C200, C300, C300M2, C700), Panasonic (EVA1, Cinema Varicam LT 4k S35, Panasonic Ag-af100, Panasonic Ag-af101 Varicam LT, Panasonic P2), Blackmagic (Ursa Mini), RED camera and many other camera models with interchangeable lenses.

What's in the box

  • (1 pair) 15MM RODS 8″
  • (1 pair) 15MM RODS 4″

Additional information

Weight 3.00 lbs
Dimensions 14.00 × 5.00 × 4.00 in


2.60 lbs
1.18 kg
10.50 x
4.25 x
2.00 in
26.67 x
10.80 x
05.08 cm
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