SONY FS7M2 Remote Extension Handle Kit

SHAPE Remote Extension handle kit for Sony PXW-FS7M2

Simply attach the Remote Extension Handle Kit to the Sony FS7M2 handle!

SHAPE RHV2- SONY FS7M2 Remote Extension Handle Kit RHV2 sony fs7m2 remote extension handle kit


  • CNC machined aluminum handle compatible with Sony FS7M2 remote handle
  • Easy and fast length adjustment with only one knob screw
  • Designed with our patented push button technology
  • Designed to fit Sony's cable clips from original handle for handle cable extension
  • Compatible with all standard ARRI rosettes
  • Offers the operator telescopic and 360° rotation position
  • *Not compatible with the Sony FS5 or FS7M1
The SONY FS7M2‘s handle features a different and more efficient design. In reaction to this change, we've decided to craft the SHAPE FS7M2 SERIES to optimize the manipulation of this camera. Simply attach the remote extension handle to the Sony FS7M2 remote handle. If you own a Sony FS7, this is THE accessory you need. Compatible with ARRI rosettes, it's designed with our unique red push-button technology. Just one push with your thumb and you can rotate the handle on 360 degrees angle. You can put down your camera easily on a table or any surface. Also, after the installation, no tools are required! Only by replacing the two screws by a red know screw, it's now fast and easy to adjust the length of the arm to facilitate the manipulation of your Sony FS7M2, plus it's really solid. This arm is CNC aluminum machined for a great durability. With this accessory, you will save time and it will make your work so much simpler! Try it once, you will agree and will not want to work without it again!    SKU: RHV2 SHOP:

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