REVOLT Push-Button Magic Arm - Review by Newsshooter

Newsshooter recently reviewed our 2 axis Mini Push-Button Magic Arm, part of the REVOLT series. Showing you the installation process and the compatibility with ARRI standard 3/8"-16 thread and its anti-rotating system. They also did a great job to show you how you can move it around and place it according to your needs.

SHAPE Push Button Magic Arms for ARRI cameras run-through from Newsshooter on Vimeo.  

"If you aren’t familiar with the SHAPE Push Button Magic Arms, let me fill you in. The Push Button Arms allow for precise and quick adjustments of your camera monitor with the help of push button technology. This patented technology allows the user to make quick and easy adjustments by simply pressing the button. When you press the button, it gives you 360 degrees of rotation to place whatever accessory you are using in the best position for your use."

View the complete article here:

Learn more about the 2 axis Push-Button Magic Arm:

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