The global fight to protect elephants

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Lacy is working on a project that will take her to Eastern and Southern Africa this Summer and Fall 2017 to document and share the efforts and impact elephant conservation organizations are having in the global fight to protect elephants. There are many people who wants to find ways to be involved, therefore by sharing the stories on social media platforms, her goal is to help increase awareness and involvement. She is using a Sony A7S camera and we recommended using our Offset Shoulder Mount especially designed for the A7S. It includes a cage to protect the camera, a candy top handle, quick handle rod bloc with push-button technology for easy adjustment, 2 pairs of rods, an offset bracket and a comfy shoulder and pad back for maximum support. (SKU: A7SSM-OF)

"I just wanted to share a few notes from the field!  I’m currently in Zambia where I was able to witness an amazing introduction of three orphaned elephants to a wild female elephant who will now serve as their matriarch.  This was the first opportunity to use the SHAPE shoulder rig and was a HUGE asset in the field and just wanted to echo another THANK YOU!!"

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