SHAPE’s complete broadcast set-up solution for the Panasonic AU-EVA1 Camera is designed mainly for Broadcast Productions. This sophisticated, high-end, lightweight, well-balanced, sturdy and made in Canada camera bundle rig comes with a lifetime warranty on CNC Machined Aluminum parts. SHAPE’s broadcast solution enables you to add a wide range of accessories and options for shooting the perfect picture on set or on location. Ideal for: DPs, Indie filmmakers, Short filmmakers, Documentary cinematographers, Run-and-gun news camera operators, Reality TV show cameramen, Magazine Series cameramen, Fashion video camera operators, Music video camera operators, Live concert camera operators, Behind-the-scenes cameramen, Rental houses, Film production companies, Film production schools.

SHAPE Panasonic AU-EVA1 Camera Bundle Rig with Follow Focus Pro and 4 x 5.6’’ Matte Box

The SHAPE Panasonic AU-EVA1 Shoulder Mount System features: Universal Baseplate, Adapter Plate, Push-Button Telescopic Handle with ARRI Standard Rosette and Rod Bloc System, Remote Extension Arm with Cable, 15mm Aluminum Rods (8"), 15mm Aluminum Rods (4"), non-slip Shoulder Pad, Follow Focus Pro and Matte Box 4 x 5.6’’.

SHAPE Universal Baseplate and Adapter Plate

SHAPE’s sophisticated Universal Baseplate features 4 attachment points for securely mounting your Panasonic AU-EVA1 Camera as well as a Delta Plate at the front and Latch at the back. It includes 15mm rods that are 8” long and run through the length of the Baseplate. The SHAPE 15mm Rod System is designed to adjust the camera at the proper height for reaching the Panasonic AU-EVA1 Camera optical center. The SHAPE Rod Bloc System, attached to its Baseplate, features 1 ratchet knob to adjust the length and height of your rods, enabling you to easily mount optional camera accessories directly onto the rig (8” rods at the front and 4” at the back). If you want to use a tripod, the SHAPE Universal Baseplate can be quickly mounted to a VCT Tripod Plate in a matter of seconds, saving time on set or on location. The SHAPE Adapter Plate attaches quickly underneath the camera via 1/4"-20 or 3/8"-16 screws to easily secure your Panasonic AU-EVA1 Camera to the SHAPE Baseplate with the shoulder mount.

SHAPE Shoulder Pad

Made of non-slip material, the SHAPE Shoulder Pad is a comfort shaped pad that provides maximum comfort and stability which increases control during shoots on set.

SHAPE VCT Tripod Plate

Allowing quick-release mounting and dismounting of professional broadcast cameras, the SHAPE VCT Tripod Plate is a fully CNC Anodized Aluminum Quick-Release Tripod Adapter, compatible with any baseplates that have Delta and Latch mechanisms used with VCT plate systems.

Push-ButtonHandle Technology

SHAPE is world renowned for its patented Push-Button Technology, now used by so many professionals in the industry. SHAPE’s unique Push-Button Handles allow you to make quick and easy adjustments by the push of a button enabling a 360° rotation to place the handles in the best position for your own use and comfort.

SHAPE Panasonic AU-EVA1 Telescopic Handle with ARRI Rosettes

The SHAPE Telescopic Handle with ARRI Rosettes is a left or right handgrip that can be attached to the SHAPE Universal Baseplate via an ARRI rosette with a ratchet knob that enables you to secure your handle in place. If you don’t have an ARRI Standard Rosette Baseplate, the Panasonic Telescopic Handle can be attached to any baseplate using the SHAPE Bloc 15 ARRI Rosette Adapter. Each Telescopic Handle provides endless configurations using the three points of articulation. First, the SHAPE Push-Button Locking System located on the handgrip enables independent rotation throughout 360° and quick adjustments for your own comfort at the push of a button. Second, the telescopic feature provides approximately two inches of arm extension and 360° rotation using a ratchet knob to safely secure it in place. Third, the Push-Button Locking System located on the top section of the Telescopic Handle allows you to precisely adjust the angle of the camera for catching the action.

SHAPE Panasonic AU-EVA1 Remote Extension Handle

The SHAPE Panasonic AU-EVA1 Remote Extension Handle features an adjustable arm extension for the side handgrip provided with the Panasonic AU-EVA1 Camera. It features SHAPE's patented Push-button Technology for easy angle adjustment and 360° rotation. The extendable arm is equipped with a ratchet key to easily adjust the length of the arm. This handle can only be mounted onto a baseplate and accessories with standard ARRI rosettes (LANC compatible - male/female cable included).

SHAPE Panasonic AU-EVA1 Accessories

SHAPE Follow Focus Pro

The SHAPE Follow Focus Pro is perfect for use with film and cine-style lenses. It’s an industry workhorse and has already proven itself on countless tough shoots all over the world. The Follow Focus Pro is designed with a ‘Snap-On Unit Adapter for 15mm Rods’ to meet your particular camera rig requirements and adjustments. It features two 0.8mm PITCH wheels (28 & 43-tooth aluminum gears) that are appropriate for a wide range of lens barrel sizes, as well as a reversible arm, a marking disk and adjustable hard stop markers. A Studio Kit Extension is also available to create a kit version. Manufactured in sleek black anodized aluminum, it is made of robust CNC Machined Aluminum. SHAPE engineering is world renowned and our Follow Focus Pro is one of the most robust motion picture accessories ever built.

SHAPE Matte Box 4 X 5.6’’

The SHAPE Matte Box 4 X 5.6’’ is a 2-stage lightweight Matte Box designed for light control and filter adjustments. It is compatible with various photo lenses with at least 52mm diameter, but can also fit professional video optics with up to 114mm front diameter. The mounting of the Matte Box is done either directly on the lens or via a 15mm Rod Bracket using 15mm rods. There is also a 360° rotation provided by one of the filter holders. The Matte Box is swing-away ready which lets you perform quick lens changes without having to remove the matte box from your rods. With the Swing-Away Bracket, you can adjust the height of the Matte Box in relation to the rods, which comes in handy when your lens center to rod center height is slightly off from the standard (Swing-Away Bracket not included).

SHAPE REVOLT Mini Push-Button Magic Arm Series

SHAPE introduced the sturdy and durable Mini Push-Button Magic Arm Series to improve the traditional arms that were sold in the market which would break after multiple uses. The SHAPE REVOLT Mini Push-Button Magic Arm Series offers 2 or 4 Mini Push-Buttons enabling you to make vertical and horizontal positioning adjustments of your camera accessories from the top or the bottom of the arm. It’s the perfect device to mount your monitor, view finder, microphone, camera light or other accessories to your camera rig for precise and quick adjustments at the push of a button. This series features a 2 or 4-Axis Mini Push-Button Magic Arm which provides quick access to your camera accessories as well as the stability and maneuverability you need when you’re on set. Made of hard anodized aluminum with stainless steel screws to prevent rusting, the SHAPE REVOLT Mini Push-Button Magic Arm Series is compatible with all types of camera rigs with 1/4"-20 or 3/8"-16 threaded mounting holes allowing you to easily mount or dismount the arm. 

To properly secure the arm to the camera rig, a pair of adjustable set screws, compatible with the ARRI anti-rotating system is included. The 2-Axis Magic Arm can support approximately 2.5 – 3 LB (1.13 – 1.36 kg) and the 4-Axis Magic Arm can support approximately 2 – 2.25 LB (0.91 – 1.02 kg). You can also clamp the SHAPE REVOLT Mini Push-Button Magic Arm to your 15mm rods by using the SHAPE 15mm Rod Bloc System. It allows you to quickly insert and clamp the support arm stud inside the center hole of the rod bloc. The clamp system features a ratchet knob that prevents the stud from moving or turning. The Clip-On Rod design allows you to quickly mount and dismount the support from the 15mm support rods, without having to remove other rod-mounted accessories. SHAPE designed a Hot Shoe version of the Magic Arm that allows you to easily mount and dismount it from any Hot Shoe attachment on your camera rig.


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