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Camera supports & stabilizers for the Canon C200

SHAPE is introducing a brand new cage system and accessories for the Canon C200 camera. Its principal components are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum monolithic blocks. The parts are then anodized to protect against wear and oxidation. Its main unit, the cage surrounding the camera, will offer the user several features. Combined with a lightweight baseplate with rods, a top plate, top handle and finally an adjustable EVF mount bracket, featuring our Mini Push Button system.

C200 Camera Cage, Baseplate with 15 mm Rod System, Extendable Top Handle and View Finder Bracket Arm with Push-button

The C200 Camera Cage is made of solid and robust CNC machined aluminum and offers several mounting points and threaded holes to attach other SHAPE parts and third party accessories, including the ARRI standard anti-rotating sockets. It also includes an ARRI Rosette on the right side to attach our Remote Extension handle or the Handle of the Camera. The Canon C200 Baseplate features a Quick Handle Grip compatible with all standard ARRI rosettes.  It includes a delta plate and can be quickly mounted to a VCT Tripod Plate. The sophisticated Rod Bloc System of the Baseplate features 2 ratchet knob devices to adjust the length and height of your rods. The 15 mm lightweight rod blocs can be fixed to the Canon C200 Baseplate, allowing you to install more camera accessories (8” rods at the front and 4” at the back). The handle grip frame is made from robust CNC machined aluminum and the finger grip is made from genuine Canadian maple wood for maximum comfort. The Canon c200 top handle is removable and you can quickly adjust and lock the handle length for an extension of approximately 3 inches from its original position in order to optimize the balance of your Canon C200 to your lens type. The View Finder Bracket Arm can quickly be mounted to the Canon C200 Top Plate with the help of a Ratchet Knob. The position of the View finder can also be adjusted to your need with the help of the ratchet knob system and our patented Push Button Technology (nothing to unscrew - Push, adjust and release, then its lock). Attachment Features of the Top Handle:
  • (1) One 15 mm Rod Clamp. Perfect to attach your View Finder to our revolutionary ‘Push Button Arm View Finder Bracket’;
  • (6) Six threaded holes to mount our Push Button Arm;
  • (4) Four ¼-20 threaded holes (Front). Perfect for more attachment options;
  • (2) Two Hot Shoe Brackets (Front and Back of Handle).

Canon C200 Shoulder Mount System

Made of slip-free material, the shoulder pad produces maximum comfort and stability and will increase your level of control on set. Canon C200 Shoulder Mount Quick Handle with Rod Bloc and Push-button System

Canon C200 Offset Shoulder Mount Offset Shoulder Mount for the Canon C200

Canon C200 Telescopic Handles with Push-Button Technology

Our Telescopic Handles with ARRI Rosettes are left and right handgrips that can be attached to cameras and camera support hardware that has standard ARRI rosettes. Each arm features three points of articulation, combined with the approximately two inches of arm extension allowing you to adjust the arms for your comfort. The arms attach to your camera or support via an ARRI compatible rosette with spring-loaded locking levers, which allow you to lock your arms in place without having a full 360° of rotation. SHAPE is well known for its Push-button handle, now used by so many professionals in the industry. We developed this patented technology to give users quick and easy adjustment. By simply pressing the button, you are allowed a 360 degree rotation to place the handle in the best position for your use.  The Push-button system on the Handle articulating joint provides additional articulation near the rosette, while a second push-button articulation joint allows you to rotate and precisely position the rubber handgrips. A second spring-loaded locking lever along the arms allows you to extend the arms up to two inches and rotate the handgrips throughout 360°. The arms are indexed for extension and rotation, so you can quickly move between known setups. Main Features of the Telescopic Handles
  • Compatible with ARRI Rosettes
  • Single Black ratchet knob for fast & easy adjustment
  • Support quick release handgrips, 8 points of adjustment
  • Ergonomic handles with rubber handgrips for stability and precision
  • Ratchet knob for extensible arm (1.5" additional length) and rotating handle for multiple positions. Stainless steel locking mechanism for durability
  • Patented push-button technology for fast adjustment
  • Individual rotation on a 360° axis
  • CNC machined parts and hard anodized aluminum for resistance

Follow Focus Pro With A Trusted Engineering

Our Follow Focus Pro is perfect for use with film and cine-style lenses. It’s an industry workhorse and has already proven itself on countless tough shoots all over the world. The Follow Focus Pro is designed with a ‘Snap-on unit adaptor for 15 mm rods’ to meet your particular camera rig requirements and adjustments. Manufactured in sleek black anodized aluminum, it is made from robust CNC Machined Aluminum. SHAPE engineering is internationally renowned and our Follow Focus Pro is one of the most robust motion picture accessories ever built. The Gear Arm is reversible and two gear wheels are supplied to accommodate a wide range of lens barrel sizes 0.8 mm pitch (28 and 43 teeth aluminum gear). There is also a choice of two different focusing methods (Standard or Hard Stop) for an accurate adjustment on set.

Matte Box 4X5.6

The SHAPE MATTE BOX 4X5.6 is a 2-Stage Matte Box designed for light control and adjustment of filters. It is compatible with various photo lenses with at least 52 mm diameter, but can also fit professional video optics with up to 114 mm front diameter. The mounting of the Matte Box is done via a ‘15 mm Clip-on rods system bracket’. There is also 360 Degrees of rotation offered by the filter holders. Main Features of the Matte Box:
  • 2-Stage bracket for 4 x 5.6 rotary filters.
  • 1 French Flag and 2 Side Wings for Maximum control of the light incident.
  • 2 standard adaptor rings of 85 mm and 114 mm.
  • 1 Screwable adaptor ring of 80 mm.
  • 6 step-down rings (52, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77 mm) to accommodate lenses of varying sizes.
  • 15 mm Clip-on rods system bracket to mount or unmount the Matte Box.
  • Matte Box weight : 1.08 kg (2.4 lb)
  • Matte Box dimension: 12 x 4 x 8 in (30.48 x 10.16 x 20.32 cm)


  • The EOS C200 and EOS C200B Digital Cinema Cameras incorporate advanced imaging features to help ensure outstanding image quality for a wide range of productions;
  • Record internal 4K RAW to a CFast™ 2.0 card (with VPG130 support) in our new Cinema RAW Light format or 4K UHD and Full HD to SD cards in MP4 format;
  • The EOS C200 and EOS C200B Digital Cinema Cameras offer a broad range image acquisition options, allowing great flexibility in post production workflows;
  • The EOS C200 and EOS C200B Digital Cinema Cameras are fully compatible with Canon EF lenses, and a wide range of accessories. Remote control functionality and other connectivity options allow users a broad range of options;
  • The EOS C200 comes ready to shoot right out of the box, while the “camera body only” EOS C200B gives you the flexibility to accessorize the camera to fit your specific needs.

Canon C200 Brochure

Canon Cinema EOS C200 - C200b Product Brochure Canon Professional Brochure Still Capture Canon C200 Professional Brochure Motion Capture

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