C200 SHAPE RIG REVIEW - Rubidium

Rubidium Review C200 SHAPE rig

«It was the single best investment I've made in my filmmaking  after my C200 itself.»

Rubidium from Crimson Engine tells us all about his experience with the C200 SHAPE rig in this concise Youtube video. He explains how the SHAPE accessories he bought extend the functionalities of his Canon C200 camera. 


Canon C200 SHAPE rig

«I can't imagine using my Canon C200 without the gear that I have on it.»

According to Rubidium, the reason why he has rigged his camera in so many different ways is due in part by the versatility of the SHAPE infrastructure. He mentions that before he had his SHAPE rig he lost quite a lot of time trying to make all of the cheapest camera accessories he bought fit together while he could have been making films.

«Having all those accessories from the same company means that you're in the one infrastructure. You are able to use all that stuff together. It all fits, it is all made to fit together.» 

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