SHAPE dual grip handlebar for DJI Ronin-s


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SHAPE dual grip handlebar for DJI Ronin-s

Crafted in Canada
Lifetime Warranty

Key Features

Mounts on DJI Ronin-S
Rod with Rubber-Lined Gimbal Socket
Comfortable Rubber Handgrips
1/4″-20 Threads on Rod and Handgrips
Locking Levers to Adjust and Tighten
Mount Standard or Inverted
CNC-Machined Aluminum Construction


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Transfer weight from your wrists to your core with the Dual-Grip Handlebar from SHAPE for the DJI Ronin-S. The aluminum bar has a rubber-lined center gimbal mount to protect your DJI Ronin 2 and keep it secure. Two comfortable, adjustable rubber handgrips connect to the rod ends and are tightened by locking levers. The bar has a 1/4″-20 threaded hole at each end, and both handgrips have 1/4″-20 threaded holes on top and bottom for a total of six accessory mounting options. Additional accessories can be mounted on the handlebar with 22 to 25 mm rod clamps. Mount the gimbal on top or hang it below the bar in inverted mode. The bar and handgrips align with the gimbal base to rest steadily on a flat surface during a break or when calibrating.

  • Handlebar designed to accept 22 mm and 25 mm clamp;
  • (4) ¼-20 threaded holes (top and bottom of each Handle Grip);
  • (2) ¼-20 threaded holes (each side of the handlebar);
  • Attaches to most gimbals with a 3/8-16 mounting socket;
  • Portable, lightweight (0.74 kg) and made of solid CNC Machined Aluminum;
  • The inside the mounting socket is padded to protect your gimbal;
  • Handle Grip features a super firm and tight ratchet knob locking system;
  • Ratchet knob system allows you to adjust the position of the handle on the bar;
  • You can rest the unit on a tabletop, creating a stable base for hands-free gimbal calibrating;
  • Anti-skid and comfortable rubber grip;
  • A two-handed grip increases the time you can shoot comfortably;
  • Transfer the movement from your wrist to your core;
  • Dual-Grip Gimbal Handle can be grasped overhanded, or underhanded;
  • Perfect for gimbals that work in an inverted mode;
  • Mounting options to install other devices onto it, such as lamps, smartphones, tablets, monitor, magic arm

What's in the box


    Additional information

    Weight02.03 lbs
    Dimensions21.00 × 7.00 × 5.00 in


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    1.63 lbs
    0.74 kg
    19.25 x
    7.00 x
    1.00 in
    48.90 x
    17.78 x
    2.54 cm
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