SHAPE Snap-On Adapter for 15 mm LW Rods to 19 mm Studio Rods

Sale price$159.00

Key Features :
  • Adapt 15 mm LWS accessories to 19 mm studio spaced rods
  • 19 mm Studio offset Rod Clamp
  • 15 mm lightweight adapter spaced rods
  • Snap-On design
  • Clamp designed with 1 x Anti-Twist 3/8-16 accessory mounts
  • Made of CNC Machined Aluminum



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Introducing our innovative 15mm Lightweight to 19mm Studio Spaced Rod Adapter. Tailored for seamless integration, it includes a 19mm Studio offset Rod Clamp and a 15mm lightweight adapter for spaced rods. The Snap-On design facilitates hassle-free attachment of support snaps to 19mm studio rods, eliminating the need to remove other rod-mounted accessories. With 15mm rod posts for LW accessories like our Follow Focus and a left side Anti-Twist 3/8"-16 accessory mount, this Canadian-made adapter boasts durable CNC Machined Aluminum and stainless-steel construction for precision and longevity in your rig.

  • BL19A
  • 7.32 x 2.07 x 1.10 in | 18.59 x 5.26 x 2.79 cm

CNC Machined Aluminium

Net Weight
  • 0.96 lbs | 0.44 kg
  • Black
  • Red
In the box
  • 1 x Snap-On Adapter for 15 mm LW Rods to 19 mm Studio Rods