SHAPE FS72BT – SONY FS7M2 Rig Baseplate and Top Plate

SHAPE FS72BT – SONY FS7M2 Rig Baseplate + Top Plate

SHAPE FS72BT - SONY FS7M2 Rig Baseplate + Top Plate
SHAPE FS72BT – SONY FS7M2 Rig Baseplate + Top Plate


  • VCT plate compatible.
  • Includes a pair of 15 mm 8 inch and 15mm 4 inch silver rods.
  • Includes 1/4-20 & 3/8-16 threaded holes for accessory attachment.
  • Includes one telescopic handle ARRI rosette.
  • Includes the FS7 Top Plate and the FS7 Rear Insert Plate.
  • Offers a balanced solution directly on the shoulder.
  • 2 levels of height adjustments for the front rods.
  • Get comfortable, readjust your Telescopic handle on your chest
  • Can easily be combined with our practical Telescopic support arm with rod bloc and Belt, your back will thank you for it!
  • CNC machined aluminum top plate

SHAPE crafted the SONY FS7M2 Rig Baseplate And Top Plate as a starter rig for the Sony FS7M2. It directly supports the optional Sony FS7M2 Zoom Control via a rosette adapter. It also features a V-Lock Quick delta adapter allowing compatibility with V-Lock tripod adapters, such as the SHAPE VCT plate, Sony VCT-14 and Panasonic SHAN-TM700. It’s also adjustable for matte boxes and supports offset camera mounting brackets.

The bundle includes the SHAPE FS7M2 V-LOCK Quick Release Baseplate, multi-adjustable telescopic handle, front and rear 15 mm rods, the SHAPE Sony FS7 REAR INSERT PLATE, and the SHAPE Sony FS7 TOP PLATE. The baseplate features a long format design for larger cameras like the Sony FS7M2. Perfect to be shoulder mounted, tripod mounted, or attached to delta tripod adapters. It includes a removable shoulder pad and offers SHAPE/ARRI standard rosette adapters on both sides. 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 tripod mount threads are available underneath the shoulder pad. The front rod adapter can be adjusted vertically to support a matte-box and other accessories. The baseplate has three long camera mount slots. Nine 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 mounting threads are located behind the three slots for flexible accessorizing.

The Telescopic Handle can be extended out 1.5″ and can also be rotated 360°. The rotating capability allows it to be adjusted for left- and right-handed use. At two points, this handle features SHAPE’s Red Push-button technology which allows for instant, precise adjustments. The included rods are 8″ and 4″ long. The Sony FS7 REAR INSERT PLATE is included in the package and supports the Sony FS7M2 camera. The plate is designed to be placed underneath the Sony FS7M2 when in use with the “SHAPE V-lock Quick Release Baseplate”.
The FS7 TOP PLATE is a great fit for the Sony FS7M2 camera. We designed this Top Plate with multiple 1/4-20 & 3/9-16 threaded holes, giving you the possibility to attach many accessories. This Top Plate is thin and lightweight, but sturdy and durable, made of CNC aluminum. The installation is very simple. You only have to remove the screw holding the handle on the camera, and insert the Top Plate from the front of the handle, then secure the Top Plate with the 4 1/4-20 screws included with the product. Easy and solid solution at a good price!




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