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    Find a SHAPE support for your camera model
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    To process your purchase orders quickly or for all inquiries about it, make sure you send them to


    For general information and SHAPE will take care to drive the information to right person.


    For anything else, you can either contact Charles Vallières for product development, will be your contact.

    Charles Vallieres, Vice-President


    For technical, marketing and media support, your contact will be

    Nico Marchand, our technical consultant.

    Jean-Michel Therrien, our technical sales support.


    For the social media support and SHAPE website, your contact will be

    Katia Beaupré, our Marketing & Sponsorships consultant.

    For the day to day support any information about shipping, proforma invoice, will be your contact

    Gabrielle Lamoureux, Receptionist


    For administration and accounting purposes, will be your contact:

    Gabrielle Tremblay, Accounting.