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    SUMO I - SU3100

    SUMO I

    • Sturdy and light camera rig
    • Compact, "goes anywhere" design
    • In-line with shoulder axis and offset
    • Unique patented SHAPE QUICK HANDLE push-button technology
    • The camera platform is positioned 3/4" (1.9 cm) higher than your shoulder tip
    • Adjustable 15mm rod length with red knobs
    • Adjustable height with black plastic knobs on rails
    • Perfect for video cameras.


    Model: SU3100
    SKU: SU3100
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    • The SHAPE SUMO I camera rig was designed for an in-line position with the shoulder axis as well as an offset position by using the articulated joint in the middle to move the front section from side to side.
    • The SHAPE SUMO SERIES is an affordable camera rig that can be used for DSLRs with a flip screen and video cameras.
    • You can position the viewfinder and LCD monitor for optimal comfort. Using a Quick Release Plate (not included), you can attach the SHAPE SUMO I to any standard tripods.
    • This easy-to-use ergonomic design is simple to adjust and customize according to your specific needs.
    • Each support module can be assembled or disassembled easily for travel.
    • No tools required.
    • Quick and easy setup with a 4mm Allen key (5/32 in).
    • The QUICK HANDLE patented technology offers great precision, stability and support. Simply push and hold the red buttons individually for a 360° handle rotation. Once the buttons are released, handles stay firmly in place. Read more


    Featuring the SHAPE QUICK HANDLE, the SHAPE BACK PAD, the SCREW KNOB ¼ -20 MALE, the SCREW KNOB ¼ -20 FEMALE, the SHAPE SUMO I secures the camera and accessories firmly for mobile applications.


    The SHAPE QUICK HANDLE features 2 handles that can rotate individually on a 360° axis. With a simple push of a button, the SHAPE handles can be rotated. Once the buttons are released, the SHAPE handles will be secured firmly in place.


    The SUMO I camera support system also includes a SHAPE BACK PAD which can be positioned easily besides adding stability and comfort to the shoulder rig. Black powder-coated paint for a professional look, the SHAPE BACK PAD offers the camera support superior comfort and stability. Padded on one side, the pad is attached to the shoulder pad via a CAMERA SCREW KNOB (1/4-20). You can adjust the position of the SHAPE BACK PAD to suit your body type with a vertical adjustment of 2" and a horizontal adjustment spanning of 360°. The CAMERA SCREW KNOB (1/4-20) allows easy attachment and removal of the SHAPE BACK PAD. In addition, the SHAPE BOX can be attached to the SHAPE BACK PAD above or below the camera platform.

    Optional: It is possible to attach a SHAPE BOX on the SHAPE BACK PAD using the threaded holes (1/4-20).

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