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    • Video & audio accessory holder
    • 1 screw & threaded hole (1/4-20") on top and 2 at bottom
    • Neoprene foam pads measuring 3/16" for protection
    • 1/8" aluminum SHAPE BOX body
    • Easy attachment/removal
    • Hard anodized aluminum for resistance
    • Black Powder Coat Paint
    • Stainless steel screw


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    • The SHAPE BOX is an audio and video accessory holder designed for storing camera accessories close to the camera.

    • Accessories such as wireless audio receivers, audio recorders, hard drive recorders, battery packs can be stored inside the SHAPE BOX.

    • Proximity to the camera reduces the length of the connectors and cables required for the accessories.

    • You can attach the SHAPE BOX to the BACK PAD, below the camera platform of the camera rig or directly beneath a camera via a (1/4-20") screw located on top of the box.

    • Two threaded holes (1/4-20") at the bottom of the SHAPE BOX allow you to connect it above the camera platform of the camera support.

    • Open front and back allow you to access the housed accessory easily for plugging/unplugging cables or accessing controls at the front.

    • Neoprene foam pads measuring 3/16" on the upper and lower surfaces of the box hold the accessories firmly in place.

    • The 1/8" aluminum SHAPE BOX body is covered with industrial grade powder coat paint.

    • The SHAPE BOX is a simple and affordable solution to protect your expensive video accessories.

    • COMPATIBILITY:Attaching the SHAPE BOX below the camera platform with following camera rigs:

    1. CAMELEON Series

    1. COMPOSITE Series

    1. PAPARAZZI Series

    1. SPIDER Series

    Technical specifications


    Assembled Depth ( in Inches ) extern. 4 in. intern. 2 in.
    Assembled Height ( in Inches ) extern. 3¾in. intern. 1¾in.
    Assembled Weight ( in LBS ) 0.62lb


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