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    ICON Director kit with handles for SMALL monitors.

     New ICON wireless series - No more cables !

    • Based on a tension system to move the monitor bracket and the cheese plate forward or rearward to adjust the monitor position 
    • Red ratchet key to secure the lock of the bracket and the cheese plate position 
    • Two 1/4-20 captive screw to secure the monitor position on the angle bracket
    • The cheese plate can be move forward and backward using a red knob for easy access to the batteries rear connectors of the monitor
    • The monitor position can be rotate forward and backwards with a red knob
    • Includes a universal cheese plate with 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 threaded holes
    • PARALINX or TERADEK wireless data receiver can be install in the cheesplate behind the monitor , using the adaptor supplied with the receiver
    • Can be combined with an ANTON BAUER or V-MOUNT battery plate
    • Includes the ICON 15mm RODBLOC Spigot 750 to install on rods
    • The monitor can be rotated along the pin axis of the 15mm Rod Bloc
    • The monitor support can be installed on a Gobo stand or C-Stand and fixed with SHAPE red ratchet key
    • Can be combine with SHAPE Rubber handgrips or WOODEN HANDLES
    • Only compatible if the monitor has threaded holes underneath
    • Universal bracket for monitors between 7 inches and 9 inches
    • Includes removable spigot with rubber plug for use during handheld set up
    • Compatible with most monitors used by directors as: SMALL HD, ATOMOS , TV LOGIC , iKAN, SONY, IKEGAMI, ASTRO DESIGN, LILIPUT and more.
    • CNC Aluminum & lifetime warranty


    Model: ICON3
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    SHAPE ICON director's kit is based on a universal bracket system that will secure the position of your monitor with a 1/4-20 captive screw. The monitor support allows the possibility to install a PARALINK or TERADEK wireless data receiver and an ANTON BAUER or V-Mount battery plate. This product offers a perfect handheld solution for directors to carry around. The monitor position can be rotated forward and backward using a red knob screw to secure the position. Behind the monitor, there's a universal cheeseplate with 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 threaded holes. The cheeseplate can move forward and backward with the red knob screw to provide an easy access to the battery rear connectors of the monitor.

    SHAPE designed this product to be mounted on 15mm rods or to use on a gobo stand. The monitor can be rotated along the axis pin on the ICONBLOC. The rods are secure with a red ratchet key, for fast and easy adjustment. This product can be combine with our wooden handles or our rubber handgrips for a perfect handheld solution 

    Our products are made of CNC machined aluminum and covered by our lifetime warranty.

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