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Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Best solution for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera ?

SHΛPE offers 3 rig solutions and multiple accessories for the newest Blackmagic Cinema Camera.
The Blackmagic handheld is more of a handheld / tripod uses.

The Blackmagic shoulder mount is  for the EVF / external monitor users. the shoulder rig has a straight configuration.

The Blackmagic Shoulder mount off-set is for the Blackmagic cinema camera screen users. the shoulder rig has an off-set base plate position - to allow the cameraman to use the camera screen.

it is possible to buy the part separately and create your own rig.




Which camera rig will work best best the new Sony PMW F55 & F5 ?

The 7000 V-LOCK QUICK RELEASE BASE PLATE is the right F55 & F5 shoulder rig solution. the three slots on the base plate allows a universal mounting for the camera. The front adjustable rod blocs can be fixed at the right position for the F55 & F5.



The best SHAPE support for a DSLR?



Will it be possible to balance front to back so it isn't heavy on the arms?



Where to find a SHAPE resellers near my location?

  • All SHAPE resellers are located in the section "Where to buy". by entering your zip code, country or city, you may find a resellers near your location. If not, it's always possible to directly by on SHAPE website



What is the SHAPE warranty?

  •           SHΛPE offers a lifetime warranty on all CNC machined parts manufactured by SHΛPE that are defective or broken by reason of improper workmanship or materials in the course of normal and reasonable use of the product(s). All other products are covered by a 1 year warranty.

  • Before sending any defective or broken pieces to SHΛPE for repair or replacement, the client must request a return merchandise authorization (RMA) from ( so that he can provide an RMA number. Photos of the damaged product are required for approval of the return.
  • Fees may be charged to the client if the product has been improperly used or if the pieces are not covered by the aforementioned warranty.
  • If the warranty is seen to be applicable and the repairs are simple or only require hardware pieces, SHΛPE will provide directly to the client, at no cost, the necessary pieces to repair the product.
  •           If the return has been accepted (with RMA number), the client must pay the shipping fee to send his defective product to SHΛPE for repair. No exchange or reimbursement of the product will be authorized if the product has been used and is in good condition.

  • Repaired products will be returned to the client on Mondays via regular shipping (economy). If the client requires a faster shipping service, he will be required to pay the difference of the shipping fee in advance.
  • SHΛPE reserves the right to charge restocking and repackaging fees.