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A SHAPE shoudler rig was used during the entire duration of this project!

Twenty Eight Feet: life on a little wooden boat from kevinAfraser on Vimeo.

Director & Cinematographer: Kevin A Fraser
Featuring: David Welsford
Producers: Melani Wood & Kevin A Fraser
Editor: Shawn Beckwith
Music: Bahamas, Acres & Acres, Ben Howard

Atlantic Film Festival, Halifax, Nova Scotia
American Documentary Festival, Palm Springs, California
San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival, San Francisco, California
BendFilm, Bend, Oregon
London City International Film Festival, London, England
Parsboro Film Festival, Parsboro Nova Scotia
Starz Denver, Denver, Colorado
SilverWave Film Festival, Fredericton, New Brunswick
First Glance Film Festival, Los Angeles, California
Lets All Be Free Film Festival, London, England
Rincon Film Festival, Rincon, Puerto Rico
Adventure Travel Film Festival, Sherborne, England
Ocean Film Festival Australia, Various, Australia
Hong Kong International Ocean Film Festival, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
DIY Film Fest, Warsaw, Poland
Viewfinders Film Festival, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Halifax Independent Film Festival, Halifax Nova Scotia
Lagniappe Film and Music Festival, Lagniappe, Texas
World Oceans Day Hawai'i, Honolulu, Hawaii
New Filmmakers LA, Los Angeles, California
Maui Film Festival, Maui, Hawaii


Lunenburg Film Series, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia
Reel Screen - Canadian Film Day, Vancouver & Halifax
Halifax International Boat Show, Halifax, Nova Scotia


The subject of the documentary is David Welsford, a 29 year old from Nova Scotia, Canada who spent all of his money and several years labouring to restore Lizzy Belle from the boat boneyard. Now you would be hard pressed to find room for one more stamp in his passport. Although living on an old 28' wooden boat is not always an easy time, Dave never seems to be happier then when faced with a new challenge or when enjoying a cold beer after learning something the hard way. Dave keeps a fantastic blog about his adventures. It's full of great insight and even better photography.

Kevin A Fraser is cinematographer and documentary director who has been lucky enough to make movies with his friends in over a dozen countries, every Canadian province, 24 American States and counting. As a Cinematographer, Kevin focuses on dramatic and commercial work and as a director he creates documentaries and branded content. He's always looking to meet collaborators and make new friends.

Melani Wood, is a producer of documentaries, short films, commercials and music videos. She values people as much as product and makes dreams come true for the filmmakers she collaborates with. This approach seems to be a formula for success as virtually every project she has ever touched has been an award winner!

Shawn Beckwith is an editor and filmmaker based out of Nova Scotia, Canada. A graduate of the Canadian Film Editors lab, Shawn enjoys spending his days working with fun creative people and brewing craft beer. In recent years, he has filled up his glass with as many varieties and styles of films as he can, such as Kevin Fraser’s “Twenty Eight Feet: Life on a little wooden boat”, Angus Swantee’s “Torturous” and Andrew Bush’s “Everyone’s Famous”. These projects have found success screening at many festivals around the world. Shawn looks forward to growing as an editor for many years to come.

light weight system base plate and shoulder rig for sony pmw-f55 and pmw-f5


SHAPE team was present during the Sony PMW-F55 and PMW-F5 launch in Montreal.
The best solution SHAPE is offering for the Sony PMW-F55 and PMW-F5 is the 7000 V-LOCK QUICK RELEASE BASE PLATE.
this 7000 V-LOCK is a light weight system base plate with three slots that allows the perfect positioning of the Sony PMW-F55 and PMW-F5 on the shoulder. the 7000 V-LOCK QUICK RELEASE BASE PLATE shoulder rig was well acclaimed at the Sony's launch event for the PMW-F55 and PMW-F5.


IBC 2012

Again, we want to say thank you for meeting with us at the IBC 2012.
it was an incredible experience for us this year!
Hope to see you again next year !
And Amsterdam.... what a place


Jean-Claude Labrecque in the Office

famous Quebec director Jean-Claude Labrecque was at the office today!
SHAPE president Mylene Girard, as a previous camera assistant, had the opportunity to work with him several times.
the documentary "À Hauteur d'homme" was the breaking point for SHAPE. Jean-Claude & Mylene had to follow the politician Bernard Landry during his prime minister campaign. The politician didn't want to feel intimidated by the size of the cameras so he asked the crew to get a small camera. the Productions Virage decided to get the little VX-1000 of Panasonic and she had to came up with a support solution for making the shooting as still as possible.
And..... SHAPE was born!
Picture: Mylene Girard, Jean-Claude Labrecque & Charles Vallières with the 1st SHAPE camera support!

Jean-Claude Labrecque cc


Some of us had the opportunity  to go at the Cine Gear Expo !
Being in the Paramount studios is always a lot of fun
We brought the COMPOSITE RIDER, the BP7000 and our new DOVETAIL ARRI BRIDGE SYSTEM.
It was a pleasure to be there and being able to meet such amazing people.
See you next year!
-SHAPE team

CineGear Expo

Sony NEX-FS700 event at Lozeau

 Sony NEX-FS700 launch event at Lozeau yesterday
The SHAPE camera support used for the camera was the COMPOSITE RIDER

SHAPE soccer team!

Mylène Girard, President and founder of  SHAPE, take an important part in the community of Saint-Hubert, Montérégie.  She is sponsoring and coaching a junior soccer team. William, her son, who is playing in the team SHAPE, was just about to score when the picture was taken!
credit picture: Nico Marchand

SHAPE soccer team

SEDNA IV in Gaspésie!

Press photographer Bernard Brault on the SEDNA IV, with biologist Jean Lemire.
DP Yannick Rose is using the SHAPE QUICK HANDLE ROD BLOC with his ARRI ALEXA.



Preston Kanak in Banff

DP Preston Kanak, shooting with the COMPOSITE STABILIZER, In Banff, Canada.

Preston Kanak-Banf

On set - La furieuse

DP Juan José, while shooting his movie La Furieuse. Juan is using the COMPOSITE STABILIZER, DOUBLE HANDLE ROD BLOCK, and PAPARAZZI ROD BLOCK.

Juan Jose- la Furieuse

Canon EOS C300 event at Lozeau - Montreal

The Canon EOS C300 will be officially sold at Lozeau. The camera support used for the event was the COMPOSITE RIDER


SHAPE at the Superbowl !

DP Jeff Boomer Alred were using our QUICK HANDLE ROD BLOCK for his Sony PWL F3 configuration, during the Superbowl XLIV. He made a great tutorial on his rig configuration.


Charles Pépin, from Montreal, using the PAPARAZZI II PRO while making a documentary for Occupons Montréal 
Pictures: Marie-Catherine O'Malley

Paparazzi II pro - montréal-2Paparazzi II pro - montréal

Canon EOS C300 launch event - Montreal

The Canon EOS C300 finally has arrived in Montreal. We were thrilled  to participate at the Cinema EOS event at Video MTL . The camera support chosen for the event were the COMPOSITE RIDER and the DOVETAIL SYSTEM. We had the chance to watch a conference by Vincent Laforet .
 here are some pictures of the event:
dovetail-c300-official cinema eos logo-launch event



Discover why the NAB Show 2016 was a big success for SHAPE !

The first day at the NAB was really busy for our team. The high demand for SHAPE products as well as the curiosity about the new ISEE CONTROL brought hundreds of people to our booth.


Our collaborators, Nico and Patrick went to numerous  interviews to talk about what's new at SHAPE. They had the chance to present the new ISEE CONTROL and the ICON live on B&H channel!